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France coverage Before you Leave Calling from France
Short codes

In France you will be able to access to short codes, such as voice mail, or call your customer care service, etc...
Prior to your departure, you must check with your home operator to make sure that these numbers are available in France. If not the procedure to adopt.

Other services

The following services are available on Orange Network, if you have the equivalent services at home they will follow you.

Call forwarding, call waiting, call identification, phone number restriction

Pc, PDA & fax : a practical service linking your mobile phone to a laptop computer.
WAP & WEB : From Orange France network, you can access the wap and web services of your home operator, just like you do at home.

If your home operator has an agreement with Orange France, you just open your session, in the same way you do at home, and access your usual services.

Send a SMS :
- To a customer in your country
. your correspondant is in your home country, don't change anything, just type your message, then your correspondant's usual number, under international format and send your message. (lien vers country codes)
- To an Orange France customer
. your operator has an agreement with Orange France, just type your message, dial the number ( for example 06 ….) and send your message.
Receive an sms : You will receive your sms just like at home.

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